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I discovered zazzle this week!

I discovered zazzle this week!

It's a site like Cafepress, which I had been meaning to investigate for years but never got around to it.

So I finally got a bit organized and started up a lil shopfront. The offspring and I are in it together (though she hasn't uploaded any images just yet). I figured it's probably a good opportunity for her to learn a little about business and stuff, especially as her passion is art - it would be wonderful if she could make a living doing what she loves.


I sold a kewpie doll tie on my third day, which is pretty exciting - but strange: that was the last thing that I would have expected to sell.

Anyway, I'm not expecting to give up my day job, it's just a good way to have my stuff out there, which is better than having it sit in my computer / around the house not doing anything.

Maybe I'll have a look at cafepress one of these days :)

I might cross post this to my lj art page, so - sorry if you get this twice...

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Season's greetings :)

Wow, it's been awhile.

Okies, first up - the new house is wonderful - Rhon, I promise I will post photos soon!

We're pretty broke - for some reason all the big bills have come in the last month or so and it's a really suckful time of year for that to happen, not to mention trying to set up the new house and all. Who'da thunk that grass could be so damn expensive?! Grass?! I ask you! (That's the turf kind, not the other kind). Just gotta hang in there until tax time, and then I can breathe a bit easier.

It is so so so hot here, and they've been promising rain but it hasn't been forthcoming. I am so envious of all you guys in the Northern Hemisphere right now, let me tell you (Cath knows what I'm talking about). Hate the heat, hate Summer. Can you imagine what it's like for all the poor old men dressed in Santa suits here in Australia, sweltering away? Ridiculousness! I wonder how many Santas we lose to heat stroke and the like every year?

~ Anyways... ~

I hope that whatever you're doing for the festive season, it brings you much peace, joy, love, laughter, and all that good stuff of life. (Please accept this in place of the Christmas card I never got around to sending you this year! Lol...)

For the foodies in Brisbane

Check out this livejournal community, Brisbane eats!

Here's what it's about (Taken from the community profile):

Post your reviews and recommendations about cafes, restaurants, bars and fresh markets around Brisbane here!

Hankering for a burger, but don't know where to find one? Need a sushi restaurant for a party of 25? Maybe you had the greatest cocktail of your life last night? Or have you just found the deli with the best cheese in Brisbane? Post here and share/find some foodie knowledge! We strongly support local businesses, and hope that you do too...

I can has moving date?

Yay! It looks like the house will be ready in about 4 weeks - about a month or so ahead of schedule too!

It's wonderful timing - it coincides with school holidays, so I won't have to worry about organizing Bek for school during this time. So if all goes well, I'll be taking two weeks off work to concentrate on packing and moving - for what will be the last time... hmm, maybe ever?

More new photos in the album - it's lookin' good!


Cranberry Beef Stew recipe

 Recipe posted >>here<<, for those of you what wanted it (it's a crock pot recipe - let me know if you need me to adapt it for conventional cooking)

 And this is the link to the community : kitch_n_bitch

ope everyone's having a lovely weekend!
I've just got myself a new toy, it's a thermal cooker. I'm very excited about it, since it is a great way to cook - it works kind of like a slow cooker only way more energy efficient - doesn't have to be plugged in all day while I'm at work (which frankly makes me anxious) and I can still have dinner ready and waiting for us when we get home.

What happens is that you start it off on the stove, then put it in an insulated casing which retains the heat, and then it keeps cooking for up to 8 hours while you're off living life. They're a bit exy but I see it as an investment. If you do a lot of soups and stews, in time it ought to pay for itself in the power you save, and the environment will thank you for it. Think of the difference it would make if everyone used one!

Not only that, but there is no chance of overcooking/scorching the food (which is what my slow cooker does because it runs a little hot), and more nutrients are retained.

So if you're interested or know people who might be, please direct them to the community I've set up here: http://community.livejournal.com/thermal_cooking/

(Really, please - because I'm sick of talking to myself about it and want some people to bounce ideas off!)
This morning I got a reply from the radio station in question:
I'm glad that some good has come from it :)

Thank you for your feedback regarding the May 28th and June 3rd, 2009 broadcasts of "The Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show." I understand the seriousness of the issue, and want to share with you a copy of a notice that has been posted on our website, www.krxq.net.

During these shows, Rob and Arnie made what we, and they, recognize were completely unacceptable remarks concerning members of the transgender community, especially children. Accordingly, this Thursday, June 11th, 2009, the show will be dedicated to what we anticipate will be a forum to promote a better understanding among all listeners of the issues involved.

John D. Geary

Vice President / General Manager

A perfect evening, in point form

  • A glass of red
  • Got the Ipod going on shuffle in the kitchen (which also means periodic spurts of dancing)
  • Dinner in the oven (apricot chicken)
  • Coaxing the perfect seafood chowder into existence (for tomorrow - always better the next day)
  • Kris is happy playing X-Box
  • Bek is happy doing whatever she is doing at the moment
  • Annie's online playing lexulous with me (in between chopping and cooking - for my part)
  • It's cold outside.

This, my friends, is a perfect, perfect evening.

eta: omg! Janet Jackson!!!
eta: omg!! Celery!!!!
eta: omg!!!! Alanis!!!!

Quick post - this is appalling...

 Cross-posted in various places...

Can't stop to talk now guys, gotta get the kiddo to school. 

Have a wonderful Thursday! xoxo



 Tuesday, June 2, 2009


TAKE ACTION: Demand that KRXQ Radio Hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States Apologize for Encouraging Violence Against Transgender Children


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